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The intent of the SLBS Rookie of the Year program is to offer a competitive format for rookie teams and head cooks to learn, grow and excel in competition BBQ. An award of a trophy and prize money will be presented to the winner of Rookie of the Year at the annual awards Gala Banquet.

The following are the rules for Rookie of the Year:

  • Teams and head cook must be a paid member of the SLBS.
  • Head cook or any team members must not have been a head cook on a “Pro” team previously.
  • Teams must not have competed in more than 4 Pro Competitions before.
  • Scores are compiled by using the TOY Point scoring system. Points from the top 4 contests will be used to calculate the winner.  For information on the scoring system Click Here
  • Any disputes that may arise over the requirements will be referred to the current SLBS
    board of directors for resolution.

Teams MUST declare themselves as a rookie before their first competition of the year and to qualify they can not have cooked more than four (4) Pro Competitions. The 4 highest total scores of the year will be used to determine the winner.

If you would like to be part of this series, please register yourself by sending an email to scores@stlouisbbqsociety.com

RankTeam NameComp 1 ScoreComp 2 ScoreComp 3 ScoreComp 4 ScoreTotal Score
11 Bite Stand185135320