Team Name
2021Smok'n In The ParkRibsPapa Jim's BBQ
2021Freeze QueRibsIn The Red Zone
2020Farmington Blues, Brews & BBQRibsSt. Louis Black Iron BBQ
2020Smok'n In The ParkRibsSt. Louis Black Iron BBQ
2020Perryville SE Missouri ElksChickenBig Boots BBQ
2020Lockdown ThrowdownRibsRight on Q
2019Edwardsville Roots FestivalPorkTwo Krackers Kookin'
2019Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceButts on Fire
2019Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceCharlotte's Rib BBQ
2019Wildwood BBQ BashDessertBobcat BBQ
2019Wildwood BBQ BashDessertCharlotte's Rib BBQ
2019Wildwood BBQ BashDessertGettin' Basted
2019Wildwood BBQ BashDessertJBS BBQ
2019Wildwood BBQ BashDessertSlabs A Smokin
2019Rock Road BBQ BattleBrisketTwisted Smoke BBQ
2019Get Your Licks at Route 66ChickenHeavy Smoke
2019Arcadia BBQ BattlePorkM&K BBQ
2018Festus Country FairChickenSmokin Bullets BBQ Team
2018Wildwood BBQ BashPorkHot Mess BBQ
2018Wildwood BBQ BashRibsM&K BBQ
2018Wildwood BBQ BashRibsBrew Hawgs BBQ
2018Farmington Fall FestChickenTwo Butts and a Ham
2018Farmington Fall FestBrisketShot In The Dark
2018Rock Road BBQ BattleChickenSmokn' Sauced
2018Rock Road BBQ BattleRibsRipple-Que
2018Rock Road BBQ BattleRibsDouble J BBQ
2018Rock Road BBQ BattlePorkShot In The Dark
2018Smokin' on MainBrisketFireside Smokers
2018Smokin' on MainPorkHeavy Smoke
2018Pig & SwigPorkTriple H BBQ
2018Pig & SwigChickenBrew Hawgs BBQ
2018Arcadia BBQ BattleRibsBYO Grill
2018Arcadia BBQ BattleRibsTwo Butts and a Ham
2018BBQ Brews & BluegrassPorkTwo Butts and a Ham
2018Smok'n In The ParkBrisketChasin Chicken BBQ
2017Veterans Honor QueChickenRippel-Que
2017Smok'n In The ParkPorkSouthtown Smoke Squad
2017Arcadia BBQ BattleChickenOak Street BBQ
2017Pig & SwigPorkOklahoma Joe's Serious Que
2017Rock Road BBQ BattleChickenIn The Red Zone
2017Rock Road BBQ BattleChickenBringing The Heat
2017Rock Road BBQ BattlePorkFireside Smokers
2017Rock Road BBQ BattlePorkBringing The Heat
2017Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceSoak It Stroke It Smok It
2017Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceCharlotte's Rib
2017Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceSmokin Joe & Son
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertSmokin Billets BBQ Team
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertMr. Pink BBQ
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertMeat Me In St. Louis
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertRight on Q
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertCharlotte's Rib
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertSmell That Butt BBQ
2017Wildwood BBQ BashRibsBringing The Heat
2017Wildwood BBQ BashPorkWholly Smok BBQ
2017Wildwood BBQ BashPorkPit Stop BBQ
2017Wildwood BBQ BashBrisketBushwood Smokers
2016Jakey in JuneDessertLock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
2016Jakey in JuneDessertHoly Smokers BBQ
2016Arcadia BBQ BattlePorkRippel-Que
2016Arcadia BBQ BattlePorkLock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
2016Pig & SwigChickenBYO Grill
2016Pig & SwigRibsLock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
2016Route 66 BBQ BlastChickenBringing The Heat
2016Route 66 BBQ BlastPorkTwo Butts And A Ham
2016Route 66 BBQ BlastRibsShot In The Dark
2016Cookin' For The CauseBrisketSmokin' T's BBQ
2016Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceMr. Pink BBQ
2016Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceFatboy BBQ
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertSmokin Joe & Son
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertCharlotte's Rib
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertPiggys Bar-B-Q
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertRight on Q
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertTwo Butts and A Ham
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertLock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertPorkers BBQ
2016Wildwood BBQ BashRibsLast Place BBq
2016Wildwood BBQ BashPorkTeam Meat Candy
2016Wildwood BBQ BashBrisketRight on Q
2016Wildwood BBQ BashChiliMr. Pink BBQ
2015Twisted BellyAnything PorkRippel-Que
2015Twisted BellyAnything PorkCode 3 Spices
2015Twisted BellyRibsFBI BBQ
2015Twisted BellyPorkSlabs a Smokin
2015Twisted BellyPorkHeavy Smoke
2015Twisted BellyBrisketFBI BBQ
2015Twisted BellyBrisketShake N Bake
2015Smolk'n In The ParkChickenCode 3 Spices
2015Smolk'n In The ParkChickenThe Pig Easy
2015Smolk'n In The ParkRibs4 Smokin' Butts
2015Smolk'n In The ParkBrisketThe Pig Easy
2015Arcadia BBQ BattlePorkRippel-Que
2015Arcadia BBQ BattlePorkGothic Town Grillers
2015Hidden Valley BBQ BlizzardRibsTeam Meat Candy
2014Blues FestChickenDC's Smokin
2014Blues FestChickenRippel-Que
2014Arcadia BBQ BattleChickenRippel-Que
2014Arcadia BBQ BattleChickenBringing The Heat
2014Arcadia BBQ BattleRibsRippel-Que
2014Faternal Fires and BBQChickenTqo Butts and a Ham
2013Kings of The GirllChickenSmokeys Q
2013Wildwood BBQ BashChickenMr. Pink BBQ
2013Wildwood BBQ BashChickenShow Me Smokers
2013Wildwood BBQ BashChickenMissouri Shark Fisherman
2013Wildwood BBQ BashChickenBringing The Heat
2013Wildwood BBQ BashRibsBringing The Heat
2013Wildwood BBQ BashPorkRight on Q