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The intent of the SLBS Rookie of the Year program is to offer a competitive format for rookie teams and head cooks to learn, grow and excel in competition BBQ. An award of a trophy and prize money will be presented to the winner of Rookie of the Year at the annual awards Gala Banquet.

The following are the rules for Rookie of the Year:

  • Teams and head cook must be a paid member of the SLBS.
  • Head cook or any team members must not have been a head cook on a “Pro” team previously.
  • Teams must not have competed in more than 4 Pro Competitions before.
  • Scores are compiled by using the TOY Point scoring system. Points from the top 4 contests will be used to calculate the winner.  For information on the scoring system Click Here
  • Any disputes that may arise over the requirements will be referred to the current SLBS
    board of directors for resolution.

Teams MUST declare themselves as a rookie before their first competition of the year and to qualify they can not have cooked more than four (4) Pro Competitions. The 4 highest total scores of the year will be used to determine the winner.

If you would like to be part of this series, please register yourself by sending an email to scores@stlouisbbqsociety.com

RankTeam NameComp 1 ScoreComp 2 ScoreComp 3 ScoreComp 4 ScoreTotal Score
11 Bite Stand185135320




2016 Honor Que

Contest Sanctioning

By sanctioning your contest through the SLBS you will receive:

  • Promotion of your contest through the stlouisbbqsociety.com website and associated social media channels
  • Guides to help you have a successful contest
  • Established rules to ensure a fair contest
  • Trained and experienced judging

If you wish to have your contest sanctioned by the SLBS, please download a copy of our current sanctioning packet from the appropriate page listed below.

If you would like more information or if you would like to talk with one of us about the benefits of sanctioning, please contact us.


The SLBS Team of the Year (TOY) program is a year-long points chase available for SLBS members. The winner of the TOY will have bragging rights over fellow SLBS cooks, some hardware to put in the trophy case and everyone’s favorite… cash.

TOY Requirements and Calendar

  • There is no minimum number of registered teams required to qualify for TOY points
  • In order for a team’s scores to count towards TOY points, the head cook of that team must be a fully paid SLBS member.
  • If the head cook cannot be present but a team still wants to cook, awarding of TOY points will be subject to review by the current SLBS board of directors.
  • The TOY calendar starts January 1st of a given year and ends with the last SLBS contest within that calendar year.
  • Any disputes that may arise over the requirements will be referred to the current SLBS board of directors for resolution.


Points are awarded in each of 5 categories as applicable to a contest.  Note…not all contests will have all 5 categories.  Those categories are:

  • Chicken
  • Ribs
  • Pork
  • Brisket/Beef
  • Overall


  • Up to the top 6 scores per category will be used to determine a team’s total points. Points will be awarded on a scaled system.
·       1st = 500 ·       10th = 175 ·       19th = 85
·       2nd = 450 ·       11th = 165 ·       20th = 75
·       3rd = 400 ·       12th = 155 ·       21st = 65
·       4th = 350 ·       13th = 145 ·       22nd = 55
·        5th = 300 ·        14th = 135 ·        23rd = 45
·        6th = 275 ·        15th = 125 ·        24th = 35
·        7th = 250 ·        16th = 115 ·        25th and down = 25
·        8th = 225 ·        17th = 105 ·
·        9th = 200 ·        18th = 95 ·
  • Bonus points will be awarded at a rate of 1 point per team that turns in all 4 meats, capped at maximum of 50 points.
  • The top 10 teams in each category will be recognized at the end of the year awards banquet.
  • The top 10 teams in each category will receive trophies and cash.
  • Teams may track their progress and standings on the SLBS website.
  • In the event of a tie in a category OR overall, the total dropped score for the category OR overall combined dropped will be used to determine the tiebreaker.  IF there is still a tie, the tiebreaker will be a coin flip.




YearContestCategoryTeam Name
2024Smok'n In The ParkBrisketEleven Thirteen Q
2024Smok'n In The ParkPorkBrewmasters BBQ
2024Smok'n In The ParkPorkComing in Hot
2024Smok'n In The ParkChickenMeat Me In St. Louis
2024King of the SmokersBrisketRock Star BBQ
2024King of the SmokersBrisketAwesome Racks Cookin Crew
2024King of the SmokersChickenMeat Me In St. Louis
2024King of the SmokersChickenTake It Easy BBQ
2024Homestead BBQ BlastBrisketSoak It Stroke It Smoke It
2024Homestead BBQ BlastBrisketBoozin Booyaas BBQ
2024Homestead BBQ BlastPorkThere’s No Place Like Smoke
2024Homestead BBQ BlastRibsTake it Easy BBQ
2024Homestead BBQ BlastChickenThe Burnt Crow
2024Homestead BBQ BlastChickenIn The Red Zone
2024KOA Camp QueRibsTake it Easy BBQ
2024KOA Camp QueChickenSoak It Stroke It Smoke It
2024Freeze QuePorkStraight Bones BBQ
2024Freeze QueRibsMulkey's BBQ
2024Freeze QueChickenOnly Cans
2023Veterans Honor QueChickenTake it Easy BBQ
2023Veterans Honor QueChickenBrewmasters BBQ
2023Veterans Honor QueChickenT-Squared BBQ
2023Edwardsville Que & BrewChicken1 Bite Stand
2023Rock Road BBQ BattleBrisketHome Farm BBQ
2023Rock Road BBQ BattleBrisketCode 3 Spices
2023Rock Road BBQ BattlePorkT-Squared BBQ
2023Rock Road BBQ BattleRibsStraight Bones BBQ
2023Rock Road BBQ BattleChickenThe Burnt Crow
2023Rock Road BBQ BattleChickenMulkey's BBQ
2023Brighton Bags Brews & BBQChickenHess Hogs 4
2023Farmington Blues Brews & BBQPorkSum Buck BBQ
2023Farmington Blues Brews & BBQChickenVets Rolling Smoke
2023Trekking for CDHRibsT-Squared BBQ
2023Trekking for CDHRibsComing in Hot
2023Trekking for CDHPorkCan Country Outlaw
2023Trekking for CDHBrisketHickory Stick BBQ
2023BBQ Battle for LifeChickenHickory Stick BBQ
2023BBQ Battle for LifeChickenVets Rolling Smoke
2023Smoke N For The KidsPorkEleven Thirteen Q
2023Smoke N For The KidsRibsMulkey's BBQ
2023Smoke N For The KidsChickenEleven Thirteen Q
2023Smokin on MainPorkTriple H BBQ
2023Smokin on MainChickenHeavy Smoke
2023Arcadia Valley BBQ BattleChickenVets Rolling Smoke
2023Arcadia Valley BBQ BattleRibsT-Squared BBQ
2023Arcadia Valley BBQ BattlePorkEleven Thirteen Q
2023Arcadia Valley BBQ BattlePorkComing in Hot
2023Smok'n In The ParkPorkMulkey's BBQ
2023Smok'n In The ParkPorkRock Star BBQ
2023Smok'n In The ParkRibsThe Burnt Crow
2023Homestead BBQ BlastPorkCan Country Outlaw
2023KOA Camp QueBrisketMulkey's BBQ
2022Veterans Honor QuePorkMulkey's BBQ
2022Rock Road BBQ BattleRibsCan Country Outlaw
2022Rock Road BBQ BattlePorkBig Boots BBQ
2022Rock Road BBQ BattlePorkCan Country Outlaw
2022Rock Road BBQ BattleBrisketBig Boots BBQ
2022Trekking for CDHChickenMulkey's BBQ
2022Trekking for CDHPorkBig Boots BBQ
2022Blues Brews & BBQChickenMulkey's BBQ
2022Blues Brews & BBQPorkMulkey's BBQ
2022Code 3 Spices Smok'n on MainPorkBrewmasters BBQ
2022Smokn in the ParkRibsCan Country Outlaw
2022Arcadia BBQ BattleBrisketMother Porkers BBQ
2022Arcadia BBQ BattleChickenBig Boots BBQ
2022Smok'n In The ParkBrisketBig Boots BBQ
2021Veterans Honor-QueChickenComing in Hot
2021Veterans Honor-QuePorkTwo Krackers Kookin'
2021Smokin' on Main StPorkA & W BBQ
2021Smokin' on Main StRibsMulkey's BBQ
2021Arcadia BBQ BattlePorkTwo Krackers Kookin'
2021Smok'n In The ParkRibsPapa Jim's BBQ
2021Freeze QuePorkIn The Red Zone
2020Farmington Blues Brews & BBQRibsSt. Louis Black Iron BBQ
2020Smok'n In The ParkRibsSt. Louis Black Iron BBQ
2020Perryville SE Missouri ElksChickenBig Boots BBQ
2020Lockdown ThrowdownRibsRight on Q
2019Edwardsville Roots FestivalPorkTwo Krackers Kookin'
2019Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceButts on Fire
2019Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceCharlotte's Rib BBQ
2019Wildwood BBQ BashDessertBobcat BBQ
2019Wildwood BBQ BashDessertCharlotte's Rib BBQ
2019Wildwood BBQ BashDessertGettin' Basted
2019Wildwood BBQ BashDessertJBS BBQ
2019Wildwood BBQ BashDessertSlabs A Smokin
2019Rock Road BBQ BattleBrisketTwisted Smoke BBQ
2019Get Your Licks at Route 66ChickenHeavy Smoke
2019Arcadia BBQ BattlePorkM&K BBQ
2018Festus Country FairChickenSmokin Bullets BBQ Team
2018Wildwood BBQ BashPorkHot Mess BBQ
2018Wildwood BBQ BashRibsM&K BBQ
2018Wildwood BBQ BashRibsBrew Hawgs BBQ
2018Farmington Fall FestChickenTwo Butts and a Ham
2018Farmington Fall FestBrisketShot In The Dark
2018Rock Road BBQ BattleChickenSmokn' Sauced
2018Rock Road BBQ BattleRibsRipple-Que
2018Rock Road BBQ BattleRibsDouble J BBQ
2018Rock Road BBQ BattlePorkShot In The Dark
2018Smokin' on MainBrisketFireside Smokers
2018Smokin' on MainPorkHeavy Smoke
2018Pig & SwigPorkTriple H BBQ
2018Pig & SwigChickenBrew Hawgs BBQ
2018Arcadia BBQ BattleRibsBYO Grill
2018Arcadia BBQ BattleRibsTwo Butts and a Ham
2018BBQ Brews & BluegrassPorkTwo Butts and a Ham
2018Smok'n In The ParkBrisketChasin Chicken BBQ
2017Veterans Honor QueChickenRippel-Que
2017Smok'n In The ParkPorkSouthtown Smoke Squad
2017Arcadia BBQ BattleChickenOak Street BBQ
2017Pig & SwigPorkOklahoma Joe's Serious Que
2017Rock Road BBQ BattleChickenIn The Red Zone
2017Rock Road BBQ BattleChickenBringing The Heat
2017Rock Road BBQ BattlePorkFireside Smokers
2017Rock Road BBQ BattlePorkBringing The Heat
2017Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceSoak It Stroke It Smoke It
2017Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceCharlotte's Rib
2017Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceSmokin Joe & Son
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertSmokin Billets BBQ Team
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertMr. Pink BBQ
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertMeat Me In St. Louis
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertRight on Q
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertCharlotte's Rib
2017Wildwood BBQ BashDessertSmell That Butt BBQ
2017Wildwood BBQ BashRibsBringing The Heat
2017Wildwood BBQ BashPorkWholly Smok BBQ
2017Wildwood BBQ BashPorkPit Stop BBQ
2017Wildwood BBQ BashBrisketBushwood Smokers
2016Jakey in JuneDessertLock Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
2016Jakey in JuneDessertHoly Smokers BBQ
2016Arcadia BBQ BattlePorkRippel-Que
2016Arcadia BBQ BattlePorkLock Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
2016Pig & SwigChickenBYO Grill
2016Pig & SwigRibsLock Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
2016Route 66 BBQ BlastChickenBringing The Heat
2016Route 66 BBQ BlastPorkTwo Butts And A Ham
2016Route 66 BBQ BlastRibsShot In The Dark
2016Cookin' For The CauseBrisketSmokin' T's BBQ
2016Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceMr. Pink BBQ
2016Wildwood BBQ BashChef's ChoiceFatboy BBQ
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertSmokin Joe & Son
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertCharlotte's Rib
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertPiggys Bar-B-Q
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertRight on Q
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertTwo Butts and A Ham
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertLock Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
2016Wildwood BBQ BashDessertPorkers BBQ
2016Wildwood BBQ BashRibsLast Place BBq
2016Wildwood BBQ BashPorkTeam Meat Candy
2016Wildwood BBQ BashBrisketRight on Q
2016Wildwood BBQ BashChiliMr. Pink BBQ
2015Twisted BellyAnything PorkRippel-Que
2015Twisted BellyAnything PorkCode 3 Spices
2015Twisted BellyRibsFBI BBQ
2015Twisted BellyPorkSlabs a Smokin
2015Twisted BellyPorkHeavy Smoke
2015Twisted BellyBrisketFBI BBQ
2015Twisted BellyBrisketShake N Bake
2015Smolk'n In The ParkChickenCode 3 Spices
2015Smolk'n In The ParkChickenThe Pig Easy
2015Smolk'n In The ParkRibs4 Smokin' Butts
2015Smolk'n In The ParkBrisketThe Pig Easy
2015Arcadia BBQ BattlePorkRippel-Que
2015Arcadia BBQ BattlePorkGothic Town Grillers
2015Hidden Valley BBQ BlizzardRibsTeam Meat Candy
2014Blues FestChickenDC's Smokin
2014Blues FestChickenRippel-Que
2014Arcadia BBQ BattleChickenRippel-Que
2014Arcadia BBQ BattleChickenBringing The Heat
2014Arcadia BBQ BattleRibsRippel-Que
2014Faternal Fires and BBQChickenTqo Butts and a Ham
2013Kings of The GirllChickenSmokeys Q
2013Wildwood BBQ BashChickenMr. Pink BBQ
2013Wildwood BBQ BashChickenShow Me Smokers
2013Wildwood BBQ BashChickenMissouri Shark Fisherman
2013Wildwood BBQ BashChickenBringing The Heat
2013Wildwood BBQ BashRibsBringing The Heat
2013Wildwood BBQ BashPorkRight on Q
Operation Bbq Relief

Operation BBQ Relief was founded in May 2011 in response to a need for relief efforts in tornado-stricken Joplin, Missouri, a community of about 50,000 residents. Volunteers from competition BBQ teams from eight states answered the need to help feed displaced families, police, fire, National Guard and emergency personnel.


Operation BBQ Relief was able to serve over 120,000 meals over 13 days. Food was delivered to shelters, hospitals, senior living communities and the Humane Society. Volunteers loaded food into vehicles and delivered directly to families in the impacted areas. The operation was made possible by all who contributed food and supplies and funding from across the country.

Operation BBQ Relief continues to respond to natural disasters and other situations to help feed displaced residents and emergency personnel.

The St. Louis BBQ Society believes strongly in this organization which is funded by private donations.  Please join us in supporting this great volunteer organization with a contribution to help them continue their great work.

Please follow this link to their donation page.