About us.

The Saint Louis BBQ Society was formed to bring together the Barbecue enthusiast families and friends that not only enjoy preparing great Barbecue, eating great Barbecue, sharing recipes along with learning from one another.

How it started

Several years ago,  St. Louis Home Fires held its first Annual BBQ Cooking Contest.   It consisted of 9 teams and a total attendance of around 250 people.  This past September we held the same contest consisting of 80 teams & total attendance surpassing 10, 000.

Following the event several participants and I realized the great interest and enthusiasm there was in St. Louis for great and creative barbecue cooking.  It is with the notion that we have formed this group.  It is with that ideal that we would like you to join and participate.  Membership will include monthly meetings, restaurant visits, newsletters, membership discounts at SLBS events and discounts at participating restaurants.


Teams Have Competed


Active Members



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