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At the February 9th, 2019 St. Louis BBQ Society (SLBS) Board of Directors meeting, a few changes were made that affect contest sanctioning.

In an effort to promote contests earlier in the year, which will benefit the teams, judges and ultimately the contests as a whole, we are making some changes persuade contests to mail in sanctioning documents earlier. This policy is very similar to other sanctioning bodies, but with incentives to help promote the early mailing of the sanctioning documents.

Beginning immediately:

Any previous contest that has not changed the date of their event, will be automatically approved, as long as all fees from previous contests have been paid, and that future sanctioning has not been revoked by an action of the board and will be posted upon receipt of the completed sanctioning documents along with the $50 deposit. All other timelines in the sanctioning packet remain the same.

As of December 1st of 2019:

In order for a contest to hold it’s regular date for the following year, the sanctioning packet with the $50 deposit must be received by December 1st . After December 1st, dates will be filled as the applications are received.

It is our hope that this change in policy will ensure your success and ensure that teams could more fully design their schedule.

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2016 Honor Que

Contest Sanctioning

By sanctioning your contest through the SLBS you will receive:

  • Promotion of your contest through the website and associated social media channels
  • Guides to help you have a successful contest
  • Established rules to ensure a fair contest
  • Trained and experienced judging

If you wish to have your contest sanctioned by the SLBS, please download a copy of our current sanctioning packet from the appropriate page listed below.

If you would like more information or if you would like to talk with one of us about the benefits of sanctioning, please contact us.

Judging Overview

The Judges Committee Members: Mark Temmer, Carole Temmer, Keith Mollet, Paul Rader, Ty Reichardt, Steve Kleinman, Bill Glaser, Tia Davis, Leah Cherni, Rob Cherni, Brian Butts, Lisa Shook, Freddie Williams

We have transitioned to a new judging class and certification program. While we are always looking for new SLBS judges, we are encouraging current SLBS judges to re-certify also. Our expanded judging program will now feature a more in-depth and hands on approach during the classes. We feel that with the improvements we have made to our judging class, you will now have the education and experience needed to better judge championship quality BBQ. While all of our judges have been doing a great job over the years, it is important that everyone is up to date with the latest cooking and judging trends within the SLBS. 
The benefits of becoming a certified SLBS judge:

-You will be able to judge SLBS BBQ Competitions.
-Gain a thorough understanding of how to evaluate championship BBQ.
-Understand how to test for properly cook entries.
-Gain knowledge of how different flavor profiles compliment smoked meats.
-Develop a better understanding of the different aspects of BBQ competitions.
-Interact one-on-one with some of St. Louis’ foremost BBQ minds.
-Share you love of food with other BBQ enthusiast.

Leveling Up

As judges gain additional SLBS judging experience they will be awarded points for their efforts. The points will allow contest organizers and SLBS ambassadors to know the experience levels of the judges at a given contest. This will allow the SLBS to do table assignments that will provide for a truly balanced judging. By placing judges of varying experience at the same table our more experiences judges will have the opportunity to mentor our newer judges and walk them through the nuances of judging an SLBS event. The more experienced judges will be an extension of the judging class to our new judges as they get their feet wet judging actual events.

Your path to Leveling Up is just a class away. All SLBS judges that wish to Level Up must attend the new judging class and re-certification course. For current SLBS judges, we feel that re-certification is an excellent tool to keep you at the forefront of BBQ judging. Competition BBQ is ever changing and we want to make sure everyone is up to date with the latest rules and procedures within the SLBS. The Grandfather clause will allow for re-certified judges in good standing to be award points for the contest they have previously judged. All of the judges that we have re-certified thus far have been very impressed with the expanded curriculum and class structure of the new judging program.

Points Awarded
1 Competition – One awarded per judging event day
1 Competition – Becoming a new SLBS Certified Judge
1 Competition – Attending a Certified Judge re-certification class

Judged Between 1 and 14 Competitions

Judged Between 15 and 24 Competitions

You will be eligible for an invitation to attend a table captain class

Judged Between 25 and 34 Competitions

Competed with a competitive team

Master Judge

Judged over 35 competitions and

Assisted and Event Ambassador and be an Event Ambassador under supervision and

Pass the Master Judge Exam