Reimbursement Form – Cooking at SLBS Class


Judge Certification Class

To prepare for new and existing BBQ contests in 2019, we are hosting a SLBS Certified BBQ Judge class in Farmington, MO.  With this class we hope to train judges that will help us support our expanding society.

The Price is $40.00 per person for Members and $65.00 for non-members.  The non-member price includes your $25.00 membership fee for the first year.

Although you can judge at any regular SLBS sanctioned contest, there will be judging opportunities near this area for 2019 that could include:

  • Farmington, MO
  • Oran, MO
  • Poplar Bluff, MO
  • Ironton, MO
  • Portageville, MO


Please enter all of the names of everyone in your party in the guest names blank.

To receive the member discount, please enter the total number of guests that are eligible for the member discount and include the membership number with their name in the guest names blank.


Cooking for a SLBS Judging Class

Cooking for the class:
Teams are encouraged to cook on site if they wish to do so. You can cook your category at home and bring it to the class if you can be there before your time. The new judges are encouraged to come around and talk with the teams while you cook so we prefer cooks on site.

Turn in times:
Members of the judging committee will make boxes, you just need to have your category to them by the times below.
Chicken – 3pm
Ribs – 3:30pm
Pork – 4pm
Brisket – 4:30pm

How much to cook:
Chicken – # of people attending the class plus 10 pieces (example: 35 attending the class, cook 45 pieces)
Ribs – 1 slab for every 6 judges plus 1 extra slab (example: 30 new judges taking class plus 1 slab = 6 slabs)
Pork – 1 pork butt for every 12 judges, always round up (example: 30 judges taking class = 3 butts)
Brisket – 1 whole brisket per every 18 judges, always round up (example: 30 judges taking class = 2 briskets with burnt ends)

You will present your receipt and proper contact information to the judging director at the judging class. The judging director will collect receipts, fill out the check request form, and give it to the treasurer. The treasurer will then mail a check to you in a timely manner.