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06-07-2019Arcadia Valley BBQ BattleMeat Me In St. LouisTwo Butts and a Ham
05-31-2019BBQ Brews & BluegrassBig Boots BBQMeat Me In St. Louis
05-03-2019BBQ Street WarsTriple H BBQSmokin Bullets BBQ Team
04-26-2019Smok'n In The ParkHeavy SmokeImpractical Smokers
03-08-2019Freeze-QueBig Boots BBQTwo Bubs and a Rub
11-03-2018Veterans Honor QueBrew Hawgs BBQMeat Me In St. Louis
10-26-2018Oran Jaycee's Cookin' for the CauseSmokin Bullets BBQ TeamBig Boots BBQ
10-19-2018Festus Country Fair & BBQ CompetitionHeavy SmokeBushwood Smokers
09-29-2018Wildwood BBQ BashBrew Hawgs BBQBYO Grill
09-21-2018Farmington Fall FestM & K BBQA & W BBQ
09-08-2018Rock Road BBQ BattleTwo Bubs and a RubBYO Grill
08-11-2018Chillin and GrillinBringing The HeatHeavy Smoke
08-04-2018Route 66 BBQ BlastBig Boots BBQSouthtown Smoke Squad
07-28-2018Smokin' on Main StreetMeat Me In St. LouisHeavy Smoke
07-13-2018Que In The ParkSmokin Bullets BBQ TeamBrew Hawgs BBQ
06-29-2018Portageville Community DayOklahoma Joe's Serious QueBringing The Heat
06-22-2018Pig & SwigMeat Me In St. LouisOklahoma Joe's Serious Que
06-08-2018Arcadia Valley BBQ BattleTwo Butts and a HamBrew Hawgs BBQ
06-01-2018BBQ Brews & BluegrassTwo Butts and a HamShow Us Your Spits
04-27-2018Smok'n In The ParkTwo Bubs and a RubIn the Red Zone BBQ
02-23-2018Freeze-QueShow Us Your SpitsM & K BBQ
11-03-2017Veterans Honor QueShow Us Your SpitsRippel-Que
10-13-2017Festus Country Fair & BBQ CompetitionBushwood SmokersM & K BBQ
09-23-2017Wildwood BBQ BashBushwood SmokersBringing The Heat
09-15-2017Oran Jaycee's Cookin' for the CauseHeavy SmokeM & K BBQ
09-08-2017Rock Road BBQ BattleBringing The HeatFireside Smokers
08-19-2017Friendly Fire BBQHeavy SmokeLock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
08-13-2017Grillin and ChillinHeavy SmokeIn the Red Zone BBQ
08-05-2017Route 66 BBQ BlastBushwood SmokersRippel-Que
07-29-2017Smokin' on Main StreetBrewmasters BBQBar BQ Posse
06-23-2017Firecracker ExtravaganzaUncle Bub's BBQ LLCHeavy Smoke
06-16-2017Pig & SwigFireside SmokersSmokeys Q
06-09-2017Arcadia Valley BBQ BattleHeavy SmokeShot in the Dark
05-19-2017Nutt'n Butt QRippel-QueBluegrass BBQ
05-05-2017Smok'n In The ParkBushwood Smokers4 Smokin' Butts
04-21-2017Que In The ParkBushwood SmokersRippel-Que
01-28-2017Freeze-QueRippel-QueHoly Smokers BBQ
11-04-2016Veterans Honor QueRippel-QueOak Street BBQ
10-21-2016Spit on the WaterHeavy SmokeRippel-Que
09-23-2016Wildwood BBQ BashTwo Butts and a HamM & K BBQ
09-17-2016Keep Calm and BBQSt. Louis Black Iron BBQSmokeys Q
09-16-2016Oran Jaycee's Cookin' for the CauseSmokin' T's BBQBig Boots BBQ
09-09-2016Rock Road BBQ BattleCode 3 SpicesLock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
09-02-2016Grillin with IzzySt. Louis Black Iron BBQHot Mess BBQ
08-20-2016Grillin and ChillinShow Us Your SpitsHeavy Smoke
08-06-2016Get Your Licks on Route 66Two Butts and a HamFireside Smokers
07-09-2016Big Pig & SwigLock, Stock and Two Smokin' BarrelsHeavy Smoke
06-10-2016Arcadia Valley BBQ BattleTwo Butts and a HamRippel-Que
06-03-2016Jakey in JuneHot Mess BBQOak Street BBQ
05-21-2016Q and BrewRippel-QueFireside Smokers
05-20-2016Nutt'n Butt Q Team Meat CandyBringing The Heat
04-22-2016Smok'n in the ParkRippel-QueLock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
04-01-2016Twisted Belly BBQ BlowoutHeavy SmokeBringing The Heat
01-30-2016Freeze-QueTeam Meat CandyRippel-Que
11-07-2015Get Your Licks on Route 66Dead Pigs Tell No TalesHeavy Smoke
10-23-2015Spit on the WaterBringing The HeatGothic Town Grillers
10-10-2015Grillin Fools BBQ BashHeavy SmokeNot Too Slabby
09-26-2015Wildwood BBQ BashCode 3 SpicesHeavy Smoke
09-19-2015Oran Jaycee's Cookin' for the CauseLock, Stock and Two Smokin' BarrelsSmokin' T's BBQ
09-19-2015Keep Calm and BBQM & K BBQBar BQ Posse
09-11-2015Rock Road BBQ BattleBringing The HeatFireside Smokers
09-04-2015Grillin with IzzyLock, Stock and Two Smokin' BarrelsSt. Louis Black Iron BBQ
06-26-2015Tri-County BBQ ChampionshipTwo Butts and a HamFBI BBQ
06-12-2015Arcadia Valley BBQ BattleRippel-QueHeavy Smoke
06-07-2015Jakey in JuneBrewmasters BBQOak Street BBQ
05-15-2015Nutt'n Butt Q Team Meat CandyPyro Meatiacs
04-24-2015Smok'n in the ParkSt. Louis Black Iron BBQThe Pig Easy
04-10-2015Twisted Belly BBQ BlowoutShake' n BakeGothic Town Grillers
03-06-2015BBQ Blizzard at Hidden Valley Heroes ChoiceBringing The Heat
11-01-2014Get Your Licks on Route 66Dead Pigs Tell No TalesLock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
10-11-2014Grillin Fools BBQ BashLock, Stock and Two Smokin' BarrelsRippel-Que
09-27-2014Wildwood BBQ BashMr. Pink BBQLock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
08-29-2014Grillin with IzzySt. Louis Black Iron BBQSmokin Bullets BBQ Team
08-22-2014Mexico Jaycees BBQ ContestRippel-QueNatural Born Grillers
08-08-2014King of the GrillSmokeys QHot Mess BBQ
07-26-2014Grillin @ GatewaySmokin Bullets BBQ TeamRippel-Que
07-18-2014Tri-County BBQ ChampionshipGood Greif BBQLock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
07-04-2014B-B-KLOU World Pork Steak ChampionshipBringing The HeatSmokeys Q
06-27-2014Fraternal Fires and BBQCode 3 SpicesTwo Butts and a Ham
06-20-2014Swansea No Hold BarredSmokeys QHeroes Choice
06-13-2014Arcadia Valley BBQ BattleRippel-QueLock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
06-13-2014Spit on the WaterA Pig's Worst NightmareOklahoma Joe's Serious Que
06-07-2014Jakey in JuneSt. Louis Black Iron BBQDC's Smokin
05-24-2014Bunge BBQ and BluesfestSt. Louis Black Iron BBQHeavy Smoke
05-16-2014Nutt'n Butt QBringing The HeatRippel-Que
05-09-2014Spring Smokin CompetitionSmokin Bullets BBQ TeamHalf Lit
04-25-2014Smokn in the ParkPitmasterIQ BBQRippel-Que
01-25-2014Freeze-QSt. Louis Black Iron BBQToo Big To Fail BBQ
10-18-2013Bullys Pork in the FallSmokin Bullets BBQ TeamTwisted Belly
10-05-2013Grillin Fools BBQ BashHunka Hunka Burnin RubSuperior BBQ
09-28-2013Wildwood BBQ BashMissouri Shark Fisherman ClubRippel-Que
08-31-2013Grillin with IzzyFireside SmokersBig Blue BBQ
08-23-2013Mexico Jaycees BBQ ContestRippel-QueLincoln County Cookers
08-09-2013King of the GrillChompers BBQTwisted Belly
07-14-2013Land of Giants Military Family Day BBQ ContestLock, Stock and Two Smokin' BarrelsTwisted Belly
06-14-2013AMVets Spit on the WaterRippel-QueA Pig's Worst Nightmare
06-14-2013No Holds BarredBluegrass BBQASAP
06-01-2013Jakey in JuneDC's SmokinBig O Dang O BBQ
05-25-2013Bluesfest BBQ Battle RoyaleRoadkill BBQ4 Smokin' Butts
04-26-2013Smokn in the ParkMissouri Shark Fisherman ClubA Pig's Worst Nightmare
04-12-2013Fraternal Fires and BBQRippel-QueSt. Louis Black Iron BBQ
04-10-2013Spring Smokin CompetitionA Pig's Worst Nightmare2 Sauced 2 Q
10-26-2012Holy SmokersGateway Drum SmokersA Pig's Worst Nightmare