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Smoked Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf 

Rob Cherni:  Captain Porkard of the USS Burnt-End-erprise Ingredients 1 cup Whole Milk 4 slices White Bread 2 pounds Ground Beef 1 cup Parmesan Cheese 1/4 Chopped Parsley 2 Whole Eggs, Beaten 1 teaspoon  of Your Favorite Rub 2 pounds bacon Directions Place everything except for the meats into a mixer and mix on low for 2 minutes.  Add the ground […]

Eric “Bubba” Burkhart 1 On 1 Competition Training Raffle

American Royal Grand Champion Eric Burkhart has been gracious enough to donate his time and knowledge to help raise money for The St. Louis BBQ Society’s Team Of The Year. Prize The individual who wins this raffle will have the chance of a lifetime to work side by side with an American Royal Grand Champion […]

Competition Payout Strategies – A Few Ideas

As a contest organizer you want to hold a successful contest that teams will come back to year after year.  Money is tight and trying to distribute prize money fairly and keeping as many people happy can be tough. Other than a well run contest, teams are looking for a high percentage of their entry […]

Hunsaker Vortex BBQ Smoker – Charity Raffle

Help us raise funds for the many charities that St. Louis BBQ Society donates to.  We are selling raffle tickets for the popular Hunsaker Vortex BBQ Smoker. Hunsaker Vortex BBQ Smokers are manufactured to be the best drum smoker on the market. The smoker is designed to cook both hot & fast or low & […]