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Chris Climer:  Wooden Shoes BBQ

Over the weekend I was able to cook a prime rib for my family. And I wanted to share the steps I took to do it so maybe you can enjoy it as well or even tell me what you would do differently so I can try it.

That’s the great thing about cooking is that usually there is no right or wrong way to do it. Yes, I understand that you can under and over cook and use the wrong kind of seasoning. But, when cooking it can simply be a feeling and an experiment that you try over and over until you make something you like and then others might think differently. With that being said here is my version of prime rib!

I picked up a 5lb prime rib from my local butcher  (my local butcher ). If you are wondering yes that is where they get rib eye steaks from. The difference besides one being a steak and the other being the roast is how it is prepared. I have found that I get a different experience when I cook rib eye steaks to when I cook the prime rib(roast is what you are looking for if you go to Sam’s Club or Costco). I love the texture you get when you slow cook the prime rib much more so then the texture of the steak.


Let’s keep it simple!

Take the sea salt and do a light coat all over the prime rib. You may not be able to see the salt very well  in the picture below. The salt will start to draw out moisture and allow your other season to be pulled. Remember a light covering because as the fat renders down that will add salt to your meat.

After letting your prime rib sit for 5 minutes to let moisture to draw out lets add the other ingredients.

Next lets do a little heavier but even coat of the granulated garlic and onion over the whole prime rib.

Let’s give these seasoning five minutes as well. Now let’s add the oregano!

Just like the onion and garlic add a layer of oregano over the whole prime rib. But, this time as you add the oregano go ahead and lightly rub the seasoning into the meat.

Ok. We have some salty and savory flavors lets add some pepper. Just like we did with the oregano lets take our table ground black pepper and add it to the prime rib.

Now that we are seasoned upped go ahead and lightly cover your prime rib with a piece of tinfoil. Don’t use plastic wrap as the seasoning can stick to it. With it covered go ahead and let it come to room temperature for 30-40 minutes so the seasoning can get down into the meat.

The Cook

I have a Pit Boss pellet smoker and I love to use Treager cherry and mesquite pellets for this. Go ahead and use what ever flavor of wood you like! You are going to want to get your smoker/grill up to 270 degrees.

Once you get to the desired temperature of 270 degrees go ahead and put the prime rib on for about 3 hours or until your prime rib reaches the temperature of 125 degrees (this will be a medium rare style cook). If you like it finished a little bit more I personally like it to get to 130 degrees (I think the texture is just a little bit better).

Once you get to the desired temperature take it off the smoker/grill and let it rest for 10-15 minutes.  Then the only thing left to do is cut it up and eat!!

If you get the chance cook one up and let me know what you think or let me know what you do differently!!

Some of our BBQ community is stepping upon a big way to help those affected by the Texas storms.

Our friends with Victorian Sales and Big Boots BBQ raised money and collected diapers for children and families to get them down to Texas! Such a gracious and caring gesture from some amazing people and a wonderful community.

Big applause to Big Boots BBQ and all their hard work, and a big thank you to those that helped in the Arcadia Valley area. Check out the video that highlights what they did to help out their fellow man, woman, and child.

SLBS Team Two Butts and a Ham was featured on Fox 2 News with a non-traditional recipe to cook for labor day.