Sanctioning Changes and “Save the Date”

At the February 9th, 2019 St. Louis BBQ Society (SLBS) Board of Directors meeting, a few changes were made that affect contest sanctioning.

In an effort to promote contests earlier in the year, which will benefit the teams, judges and ultimately the contests as a whole, we are making some changes persuade contests to mail in sanctioning documents earlier. This policy is very similar to other sanctioning bodies, but with incentives to help promote the early mailing of the sanctioning documents.

Beginning immediately:

Any previous contest that has not changed the date of their event, will be automatically approved, as long as all fees from previous contests have been paid, and that future sanctioning has not been revoked by an action of the board and will be posted upon receipt of the completed sanctioning documents along with the $50 deposit. All other timelines in the sanctioning packet remain the same.

As of December 1st of 2019:

In order for a contest to hold it’s regular date for the following year, the sanctioning packet with the $50 deposit must be received by December 1st . After December 1st, dates will be filled as the applications are received.

It is our hope that this change in policy will ensure your success and ensure that teams could more fully design their schedule.