NAME: Chris Bohnemeier & Mike Radosevich


BUSINESS NAME: Code 3 Spices Inc.


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE BBQ BUSINESS: 28 months Code 3 Spices launched in November of 2012


HOW DID YOU GET YOUR START IN BBQ: After being a backyard cook since college, we entered a 3 meat Backyard Competition and brought home 3 trophies.  Since then we have competed in over 20 events.


WHAT KIND OF BBQ PRODUCTS DO YOU OFFER: Code 3 Spices offers 5 high end blends.  Each of our flavor profiles are MSG and Gluten free with no preservatives. All of our products are available through our website, and also available in retail locations throughout the St Louis area.


WHAT MAKES YOUR PRODUCTS UNIQUE: $0.50 of each bottle purchased is contributed to organizations that support Police, Fire, Medical and Military Organizations.  In addition, Code 3 Spices utilizes high end ingredients including Sea Salt, Turbinado sugar, and Paprika.


WHICH PROTEINS DO YOUR PRODUCTS WORK BEST ON:  All of our flavor profiles are created to work on any meat you choose.  We have 3 BBQ rubs, including our competition 5-0 blend.  In addition, we also have a Grunt Rub Garlic blend and a Sea Dog Cajun blend.


ARE YOUR PRODUCTS GEARED AT HOME COOKS OR COMPETITION PITMASTERS: Our products were originally created for home cooks, but has been adopted on the competition circuit as well.  Competitors are excited that they can take this product off the shelves, and use in a competition environment without modification.


WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR NEW COOKS: Always be organized.  Practice at home just as you would on the circuit.  From injecting to cooking, timing is everything.


FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: Pappy’s & Sugarfire, and Berts Chuckwagon in Collinsville IL.


FAVORITE FOOD MEMORY: Mike – “It was a nightly thing at my house. That is where I fell in love with food. My Mom always cooked, she was a stay at home mom and recipes that no mom in the neighborhood could touch but man she made a mean Chicken and Dumplings.”


FAVORITE SPORTS TEAMS: St Louis Cardinals, St Louis Blues



Facebook: code3spices

Instagram: @code3spices

Twitter: @code3spices