St Louis BBQ Society Team of the Year Rules

         The SLBS Team of the Year (ToY) program is a year-long points chase available for SLBS members. The updated 2015 program is designed to enhance the experience for the teams and provide incentive to cook better than their fellow pit masters. The winner of the ToY will have bragging rights over fellow SLBS cooks, some hardware to put in the trophy case and everyone’s favorite…cash.

          ToY Requirements and Calendar

  • There is no minimum number of registered teams required to qualify for ToY points
  • In order for a team’s scores to count towards ToY points, the head cook of that team must be a fully paid SLBS member.
  • If the head cook cannot be present but a team still wants to cook, awarding of ToY points will be subject to review by the current SLBS board of directors.
  • The ToY calendar starts January 1st of a given year and ends with the last SLBS contest within that calendar year.
  • Any disputes that may arise over the requirements will be referred to the current SLBS board of directors for resolution.

Point Scoring System

  • Points are awarded in each of 5 categories as applicable to a contest.  Note…not all contests will have all 5 categories.  Those categories are:
      • Chicken
      • Ribs
      • Pork
      • Brisket/Beef
      • Overall
  • Up to the top 6 scores per category will be used to determine a team’s total points.  Points will be awarded on a scaled system.
    1st = 500 10th = 175 19th = 85
    2nd = 450 11th = 165 20th = 75
    3rd = 400 12th = 155 21st = 65
    4th = 350 13th = 145 22nd = 55
    5th = 300 14th = 135 23rd = 45
    6th = 275 15th = 125 24th = 35
    7th = 250 16th = 115 25th and down = 25
    8th = 225 17th = 105
    9th = 200 18th = 95
  • Bonus points will be awarded at a rate of 1 point per team that turns in all 4 meats, capped at maximum of 50 points.
  • The top 10 teams in each category will be recognized at the end of the year awards banquet.
  • The top 5 teams in each category will receive trophies with the top 3 teams receiving cash.
  • Teams may track their progress and standings on the SLBS website.