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08-29-2014 Grillin with Izzy St. Louis Black Iron BBQ Smokin Bullets BBQ
08-22-2014 Mexico Jaycees BBQ Contest Rippel-Que Natural Born Grillers
08-08-2014 King of the Grill Smokeys "Q" Hot Mess BBQ
07-26-2014 Grillin @ Gateway Smokin Bullets BBQ Rippel-Que
07-18-2014 Tri-County BBQ Championship Good Grief BBQ Lock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
07-04-2014 B-B-KLOU World Pork Steak Championship Bringing The Heat Smokeys "Q"
06-27-2014 Fraternal Fires and BBQ Code 3 Spices Two Butts and a Ham
06-20-2014 Swansea No Hold Barred Smokeys "Q" Heroes Choice
06-13-2014 Spit on the Water A Pig's Worst Nightmare Serious Que Barbeque
06-13-2014 Arcadia Valley BBQ Battle Rippel-Que Lock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels
06-07-2014 Jakey in June St. Louis Black Iron BBQ DC's Smokin (Salted Pig)
05-24-2014 Bunge BBQ and Bluesfest St. Louis Black Iron BBQ Heavy Smoke
05-16-2014 Nutt'n Butt Q Bringing The Heat Rippel-Que
05-09-2014 Spring Smokin' Competition Smokin Bullets BBQ Half-Lit
04-25-2014 Smok'n in the Park PitmasterIQ BBQ Rippel-Que
01-25-2014 Freeze-Q St. Louis Black Iron BBQ Too Big To Fail BBQ
10-18-2013 Bully's Pork' in the Fall Smokin Bullets BBQ Twisted Belly
10-05-2013 Grillin' Fools BBQ Bash Hunka Hunka Burnin Rub Superior BBQ
09-28-2013 Wildwood BBQ Bash Missouri Shark Fisherman Club Rippel-Que
08-31-2013 Grillin' with Izzy Fireside Smokers Big Blue BBQ
08-23-2013 Mexico Jaycees BBQ Contest Rippel-Que Lincoln County Cookers
08-09-2013 King of the Grill Chompers BBQ Twisted Belly
07-14-2013 Land of Giants Military Family Day BBQ Contest Lock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels Twisted Belly
06-14-2013 AMVets Spit on the Water Rippel-Que A Pig's Worst Nightmare
06-14-2013 No Holds Barred Bluegrass BBQ ASAP
06-01-2013 Jakey in June DC's Smokin (Salted Pig) Big O Dang O BBQ
05-25-2013 Bluesfest BBQ Battle Royale Roadkill BBQ 4 Smokin' Butts
04-26-2013 Smok'n in the Park Missouri Shark Fisherman Club A Pig's Worst Nightmare
04-12-2013 Fraternal Fires and BBQ Rippel-Que St. Louis Black Iron BBQ
04-10-2013 Spring Smokin' Competition A Pig's Worst Nightmare 2 Sauced 2 Q
10-26-2012 Holy Smokers A Pig's Worst Nightmare