Dirty Grill Grates

After a brutal Winter, Spring is FINALLY here in the St. Louis area! And that means the BBQ season is about to get into full swing. For those of us who don’t grill/smoke year-round, that means it’s time to pull the grill out of hibernation and get ready for the season. If you gave your grill a good cleaning before you put it away, all you need to do is some fine tuning. But if you tucked your cooker away for his/her winter nap after cooking bacon-wrapped goodies all year, well, there is a little more work to do.

I cook outdoors all year so they smoke is always rolling at my house. My cookers get used more than average so I like to give my cookers a thorough cleaning 3 times per year….in Spring before the competition season, once during the comp season and in Fall after all events are concluded. Here is what I do…

1. After my last cook, I scrub the grills as much as possible with a wire brush.
2. I disassemble the body and gently scrub the main section with the wire brush, then wash lightly with